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    When ventilation pipes are connected with fans in Ji'nan, the soft joints should be added at the inlet and outlet. The dimensions of the soft joints should be consistent with the inlet and outlet of the fans. Hose connectors can generally use canvas, artificial leather and other materials, hose length should not be less than 200, tightness should be appropriate, flexible hose can cushion the vibration of fans.



    Suspension pipes and components shall be provided with fixed points to prevent swing, such as fixed supports, brackets, etc. the location and quantity of fixed points shall be determined according to the system conditions. When the wind pipes and parts are worn through walls and roofs, the rain cover should be set up. The wind pipe that passes through the roof should be pulled out when the wind pipe is over 1.5m. The cable should be galvanized or used with wire rope. The cable should not be fixed on the pipe flange, and it is strictly forbidden to pull in the lightning rod or the lightning arrester.
    The outer wall decoration brick and the interior wall decoration brick must be tightly packed, otherwise, when the outside rack is broken, the "hollow brick" is likely to be broken. Interior tiles must be used for percussion drilling. They can be negotiated with the relevant units.
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