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    The ventilation pipe has an important role and position in the current bearing body. Therefore, the anti-corrosion and heat preservation treatment of the pipe has been paid more and more attention. The application fields mainly involve the cleaning system of the dust free workshop of the electronic industry, the purification system of the medicine and food aseptic workshop, the Hotel Hotel, the department store medical hospital, the factory and the office building. Unification.



    When the wind pipe is connected with the fan, the flexible joint should be added at the inlet and outlet. The section size of the soft joint should be consistent with the inlet and outlet of the fan. Hose connectors can generally use canvas, artificial leather and other materials, hose length should not be less than 200, tightness should be appropriate, flexible hose can cushion the vibration of fans.
    The purpose of transporting high temperature gas pipe is to prevent the heat loss of the air in the pipe (in the winter centralized air conditioning system), and to prevent the heat from distributing to the room when the waste heat steam or high temperature gas is transported to the room, and generally, the purification system sends the air duct, the central air conditioning ventilation tube and the industrial discharge. Wind and ventilation pipe, environmental protection system suction pipe, mine drainage gas pipe, mineral coated cloth wind tube and so on. When transporting condensate water or gas with large moisture content, the horizontal pipe should have a slope, and the drainage pipe at the low point. The longitudinal joints at the bottom of the air duct should not be installed at the bottom of the installation.
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