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    In the construction of the ventilation pipe, there will be some unnecessary diseases, but also the steps that many builders are easy to ignore, that is, the internal debris is not removed before installing the ventilation pipe.
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    Specification: 6.3.1 air duct installation should comply with the following requirements: 1 air duct installation, should remove internal and external debris, and do a good job of cleaning and protection. When the wind pipe system is commissioning and running, the dust will pollute the walls and decorations, and the system resistance will increase. Before the installation of the duct, remove the internal and external debris, and clean and finish the products.
    The distance between the hangers of the ventilation pipe is too large, which will cause the deformation of the wind pipe and affect the sensory effect. If the bulging bolt is not used properly, the weight of the pipe is more than the bearing capacity of the hanging point, and even the wind pipe will fall, and the hidden danger of construction will appear.



    1. the spacing of the wind pipe support hanger: according to the standard, angle steel flange wind pipe level installation, diameter or large edge size less than 400mm, distance is not more than 4mm; greater than or equal to 400mm, distance should not be greater than 3mm. The vertical installation of the duct should not be greater than 4m, but the fixed parts of each riser should not be less than 2. The distance between hangers and hangers of outdoor thermal insulation pipes should be designed according to the design requirements. The distance between the support and hanger of the spiral air duct can be 1.25 times of the distance between the support and hangers of the general horizontal wind pipes. The distance between the combined flanged wind pipes is 2 to 3M. Special air ducts, such as rigid polyvinyl chloride, inorganic FRP air ducts, fire-proof air ducts and so on, can reduce the spacing of their support and hangers, or use 0.7 times of the general air ducts.
    2. According to the diameter of riveting bolt used in hanging point, the drill bit is used correctly and the drilling depth is controlled to ensure the drilling diameter of expansion bolt.
    The above is the way to solve the problem of not removing internal impurities before installation of ventilation pipes. Therefore, the installation of ventilation pipe supports and hangers should meet certain standards.
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