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    Ventilation and smoke exhausting should be partly ventilated if large volume of air is required and longer roadway heading. Driving ventilation refers to the use of partial ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment for diluting and discharging harmful gases, mineral dust and smoke, and for inventing an outstanding meteorological environment when excavating a shaft or lane.
    1. the use of waste heat in ventilation system. The waste heat boiler, heat pipe heat exchanger and cooling exhaust pipe are installed in the ventilation and dust removal system to generate steam, hot water and hot air so as to use the waste heat of the ventilation system to the limit and improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of power.
    2. variable smoke volume. Many flue gas purification systems have different amount of flue gas in different periods with different process requirements. In order to get used to this demand, a variety of different speed control devices are selected to save power and reduce the operating costs of the ventilation system.

    3. ventilation pipe partial exhaust hood optimization planning. The advantage of partial exhaust hood has a direct impact on the ventilation system. Ventilation duct study part of the hood of the air flow characteristics, part of the hood of the old air flow and the operation of workers, planning suitable process characteristics and process equipment part of the hood, has become the most important research topic.
    4. actively discuss the manipulation skills of mobile and paroxysmal dust sources. There are many mature manipulative skills for fixed constant dust sources. However, in the occupations of black exercise, non-ferrous exercise, metal casting, port loading and unloading, mining and other occupations, there are still continental movement, paroxysmal dust sources, these dust sources are mobile, paroxysmal orientation, instantaneous emission of high concentration, a very wide area of dispersion. According to the actual measurement and calculation, the amount of dust discharged from this part of the dust source often accounts for 28% ~ 36% of the total amount discharged from the above-mentioned factory or production process. At present, more comprehensive ventilation is used and the investment is too high. How to adopt relatively economical capital expenditure measures to achieve regional control is an important topic of ventilation skills research.
    5. ventilation pipe development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the dust and exhaust management practical skills. In recent years, SMEs have achieved rapid development, but because of their shortage, backward production skills, equipment and technology, dust, exhaust gas hazards are increasingly prominent, seriously affecting the physical and mental health of employees, polluting the atmosphere. Because of the shortage of funds and skills, such enterprises can not copy the ventilation ducts of large enterprises, so they are in urgent need of development to meet the economic characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, with less investment. The maintenance cost is low, and the sensitive and simple ventilation practical skills are applicable.

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