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    (1) advantages and characteristics of centralized processing of wind pipes
    (1) Reduce material loss, reduce processing costs: centralized batch prefabrication of air duct, can achieve "volume material", avoid the manual operation of materials in disorder, large materials and small use of such phenomena, the maximum use of materials, while reducing labor costs.

    (2) Shortening the on-site construction period: centralized processing can form a production line, effectively improve the efficiency of personnel and materials, shorten the production cycle, and improve the utilization of materials. Because the centralized processing is usually done outside the station, it can be done out of the field ahead of schedule before the mechanical and electrical working face is formed. For the mechanical and electrical installation projects with tight construction period and heavy tasks, it can effectively save a lot of on-site working time and cross-operation time, save the processing site on the spot, and improve the subway construction site. The question of foot.


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    (3) Improving the quality by a large margin: The factory processing air duct realizes the modularization, intellectualization, standardization and high efficiency of production, greatly reduces the material error of air duct and improves the appearance quality. (4) Easy overall planning and management: Centralized processing can avoid the good and bad scattered processing capacity of each construction team, and can avoid the problem of inconsistent air duct products caused by different processing technology and standards. At the same time, centralized processing can better control the installation site of safe and civilized construction, to avoid the phenomenon of semi-finished products piled up in disorder.
    (2) disadvantages of centralized air duct processing
    (1) After centralized air duct processing, the construction team of each station will cooperate with the same manufacturer at the same time, which will bring challenges to the construction party and the processing party in communication, progress and other aspects. In the peak period of construction, if the preparation is insufficient, the production pressure of all stations will be concentrated in the same manufacturer, which may affect the construction.
    (2) Long preparation period and large initial investment: if centralized production is self-raised by the project department (or a construction team), the period of workshop preparation, site planning, scheme formulation is relatively long; if the initial equipment costs are large, it is difficult to recover costs if it can not form a certain scale.
    (3) Transportation of finished products: After centralized processing, finished air ducts should be transported to various stations, which will bring the following effects:
    a. ܳƷѹױΣҲ޸װжվ ѹӰۣӰ
    A. The finished air duct is easy to deform (and not easy to repair) after compression. In transportation, loading and unloading trucks and stops often produce impact pressure, affecting the beauty of air duct, and even affecting the quality of air duct.
    b. ܳƷԭռõռܶ࣬˻ ɱͬʱʩһʩʱֻϽϣʩ㡣
    B. The finished air duct occupies much more space than the raw material, so it will increase the frequency of transportation and increase the cost of transportation. At the same time, because the subway construction is generally in the urban area, such as restricted traffic area construction can only feed at night, which brings inconvenience to the construction.
    With Jinan ventilation duct processing above a small summary, I hope to help the majority of customers, if there is any incomprehension or seek help, please click our official website: or call consultation, we will do our best to solve for you!
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