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    2018-09-21 11:25:54
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    1. The stainless steel spiral air duct and ventilation equipment are made of three fabric flame retardant materials with soft connection. It is suggested that the length and electrical crossing should be ended at 15-30 cm. All bolts require the same length.
    The three main bodies should be grounded, ventilation equipment, equipment between dynamic loads and installation foundation should be equipped with damping measures.
    2. Exposed that the power cord must be threaded, the material and metal hoses or caperi and duck neck equipment should be combined to make it bend the water drop type, fire fighting systems and equipment lines must have special fixtures are fixed in order to prevent falling.
    3, fire damper for compressed air supply system, usually using 70 degree fire damper, exhaust fire damper is 280 degrees. When the smoke and wind system inlet and outlet vertical, its height is not less than 3 meters, the placement of horizontal distance should not be less than 10 meters.

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    4. When the ventilation pipe needs to change direction, variable diameter, divergence, or sink is not suitable to use box-type pipe fittings, but if necessary the use of air distribution and static pressure box, box section wind speed should not exceed 1.5 m/s; between the pipe diameter of 5-10 times is wise, flexible metal pipes or non-metal soft links should not exceed 2 meters long. Degree should not have collapsed and dead corners during installation, pipe elbows and straight pipe lengths exceeding 20 meters to add a Counterimpact frame
    Basement exhaust fan, plus and minus bracket.
    5ǽǽӦ20,ͨܵǽ2 ~ 3׸ְ塣
    5. The distance between the fire valve and the wall surface on both sides of the partition wall of the fire protection zone should not be more than 20 cm. The thickness of the fire valve and the wall should be 2-3 mm steel plate through the metal pipe.
    6, tin ventilation pipe root for anti-corrosion treatment.
    7. Install the upper cover according to the shutter or net and air outlet.
    Airport and air valves must be made of non-combustible materials in fire-fighting smoke exhaust pipe system. The thickness of citizen flue and galvanized ventilation pipe should be chosen according to the national standard GB50243. When fire-fighting smoke exhausting fan is installed on the roof, there should be some protective measures.
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